Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product Review: Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in 4R Cherry Wine

Hi! Here's another review of a DIY hair color cream from Tony Moly.

It's Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in 4R Cherry Wine.

Packaging look like this

images from google, at SM Megamall they have all the colors :)

anyways here's my previous hair color I've used Revlon Colorsilk in Strawberry Blonde

then after using the hair color cream...

natural daylight

with flash indoors

after several washes it turned to a ginger red hue but please keep in mind that my hair was lighter so i guess for darker hair gals it'll turn reddish brown. 

The cream is very sweet smelling, it smelled like berries. Though my mother doesn't approve of my reddish hue (I look like a granny daw) but hey I think I'll be able to wear this for a few months. I'm planning to dye my hair black or dark brown after a few months or whenever the roots peek thru.

I bought this for 398 or 378? i'm not sure and I also bought some products like the gel eyeliner maxi volume mascara and other lip products which i'll review soon. I also got some freebies and a membership card. 

I'm so happy that Tony Moly is here now in the Philippines and I'm hoping more korean cosmetics company will try to venture out here in our country.

Here's their Facebook Page: and their online site

I love the overall result and the smell :D Though I'd like to try Bubble Hair Color next time from either Etude House or Liese :)

Till my next review~! Thank you! :D


carizzachua said...

great review! may hair products pala sila.. hindi ko daw alam? XD

Alexis said...

Love the red shade of your hair.! You don't look like a granny at all.!! :) thanks for a great review. Too bad they don't have this in Tony Moly SM makati. Will try to visit megamall soon. Hope you check out my blog too.!

~~ Alexis

Liz said...

@cariz- yup meron hehe wala lang dapat yung sa etude bibilhin ko kaso di available yung red :O pero next try ko naman yung etude :)

@alexis- thank you :) yey i did follow you na :D hooray for korean cosmetics! :D

Keesh said...

I love this!!!!! is it in bubble form too? :D Thank you for sharing!

Liz said...

hi, sadly color cream sya :( i might try etude house bubble hair color next but this works just fine kaso bitin yung conditioner na included :O

Charlene B. said...

woah! it turned great on your hair! i'm thinking of buying this one, but still hesitating because it'll be my first time to color my hair. so, thanks for this review, it'll surely help me decide! :)

Anonymous said...

how to apply this? is the process the same like in SILKY GLAZE SPEEDY HAIR COLOR??

bee. said...

really nice hair color, sis! :)

Anna said...

Hello! I was wondering kung gaano mo katagal iniwan ung product sa hair mo? Cause I read this blog and her hair turned from brown to black! Also, how many bottles did you use, may I know?

Liz said...

Whoah sorry for the long hiatus, i'll update this very soon, btw it's a traditional hair dye where you mix the cream and the liquid part then apply it all over, i tried the bubble hair dye and it's easier :) I left the product mga 45 mins - 1hr kapal kasi ng hair ko :((

xinystar ♥ said...

Hi, How's your hair condition after using this bubble hair dye from tony moly?