Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product Review: Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in 4R Cherry Wine

Hi! Here's another review of a DIY hair color cream from Tony Moly.

It's Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Cream in 4R Cherry Wine.

Packaging look like this

images from google, at SM Megamall they have all the colors :)

anyways here's my previous hair color I've used Revlon Colorsilk in Strawberry Blonde

then after using the hair color cream...

natural daylight

with flash indoors

after several washes it turned to a ginger red hue but please keep in mind that my hair was lighter so i guess for darker hair gals it'll turn reddish brown. 

The cream is very sweet smelling, it smelled like berries. Though my mother doesn't approve of my reddish hue (I look like a granny daw) but hey I think I'll be able to wear this for a few months. I'm planning to dye my hair black or dark brown after a few months or whenever the roots peek thru.

I bought this for 398 or 378? i'm not sure and I also bought some products like the gel eyeliner maxi volume mascara and other lip products which i'll review soon. I also got some freebies and a membership card. 

I'm so happy that Tony Moly is here now in the Philippines and I'm hoping more korean cosmetics company will try to venture out here in our country.

Here's their Facebook Page: and their online site

I love the overall result and the smell :D Though I'd like to try Bubble Hair Color next time from either Etude House or Liese :)

Till my next review~! Thank you! :D

Product Review: Holika Holika Hello Holika Cat Blush in 01

Hello Hello~! This is my review on the Holika Holika Hello Holika Cat Blush

I've seen reviews online and what attracted me most is the cat design of the blush so here's the product. Sorry for a short review i'll be heading out really soon.

I bought this from my trusted online korean cosmetics seller sister (she's my suki and she's very nice) all of her products are well priced.

Price: Php 785 (sale price)

Now into the product

Without Flash

With Flash

Hand Swatch 

Without the product

Lightly applied blush on cheeks

Staying Power: 4-5 hours on my oily skin, just bb cream without any primer underneath (i bet it'll stay more if you layer it with cream blush/cheek stain then if you apply primer underneath your bb cream or foundation)

Texture: It's not chalky but not buttery either and the shimmer are subtle not glittery like some shimmer blushers.

Usage: You can swirl the blush for a peachy pink color or concentrate on the cat to get more color, you can also use the lighter parts for highlighting.

Overall I love this product because it's cute (the cat design's too pretty) and it's gives off a light peachy sheen to the skin too bad we can only buy through pre-orders.

Product Review: Etude House Color My Brows in #01 Rich Brown

Another review guys! :)

Here's another product review from my favorite korean cosmetic shop : Etude House! 

I've dyed my hair and along with it i bleached my brows with Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach but i overdid it and it came out really light and i'm searching for a product that will groom my brows that wouldn't take much time compared to a brow pencil, brow powder or brow gel :P So yesterday i got myself a brow mascara or what you call a brow set.

Etude House Color My Brows in #01 Rich Brown

Description: Eyebrow Mascara supplies brown/gold tones to match the various color treatments for Asian hair. According to:
Color: 01 Rich Brown
Price: Php 328

my overly bleached brows >.>

with EH Color My Brows applied to my eyebrows, excuse my blemished skin i didn't wear any base

with bb cream and groomed brows thanks to EH Color My Brows

TADA! I feel so pretty already :P

I love how it matches my reddish brown mane and how it easy to use this baby and very affordable too <3

I have so many Etude House cosmetics to review so stay tuned :) 

Overall i'll keep using this and buy a backup pretty soon and buy the other color when i visit EH again. 

Please like and visit to know more about their cute and wonderful products. 

Product Review: The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink

Hi guys! I recently cleaned up my blog so this will be my first post.

I picked up this item yesterday along with several products from The Face Shop. I stopped myself from getting more items since Kim Hyun Joong will be coming here next month and I heard from the sales attendant that it'll be a raffle promo and the more products you buy increases the number of chance you'll be included with the fan signing and photo ops with Oppa Leader :P

So here it is... The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink

Description: This milky lotion-type tint with a moisturizing film made of milk and natural berry extracts, gently protects the lips without the dryness or smudging while making them appear attractive as if tinged with flower pigments.
Price: Php 455 at The Face Shop Megamall Branch
Color: Baby Pink 01

This is my first milky tint and i've tried several non-milky tints and so far i'm loving the effect on my lips. I can't compare them with other milky tints from Etude House and Tony Moly but i'll try to test those other two soon :)

It's best applied with bare lips, no balm or gloss whatsoever and apply evenly then let it set for about a few seconds. You can layer it if you want a stronger tinge of color.

Here's my bare lips, sorry about the femstache :))

and here's a layer of the tint applied on my lips

See the natural pinkish hue it gives my lips? I love this tint to bits! It's not as red as other tints out there (though i still love my red tints :P )

This is also long lasting :) about 4-5 hours of wear maybe even longer and of course with lip tints like this you need to put lip balm on top or lip gloss, if you want you can also put some moisturizing sheer lipstick if you want more color.    

This is perfect for girls who want a natural hue on their lips, i'm not yet sure how it looks with girls who have pigmented/dark lips though i consider myself having dark lip lines but this tint is heaven sent since it doesn't accentuate those lines. 

Overall I love this tint and i'll repurchase or i'll just get the other color in peach. :)

Try it guys and you'll be amaze with this tint. <3

I love The Face Shop and Kim Hyun Joong! Btw add them on Facebook

Till my next product review! Bye! :)